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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Setacolor Study

I painted the coral border fabric with Setacolor transparent paint overlaid with cheesecloth and mesh webbing. It was then set in the sun to dry. I've found an Ott light will also work for this technique.

The circles were sunprinted with a 'holey' mesh bag.

Solid color fabrics are my hand-dyes. The pinkish flower print is a batik. The unquilted very cool chartreuse fabric to the left of the star is painted with gold. My sister Patty bought it for me in CA.

I had fun creating this little 19" square piece - not yet titled. The grid format allowed me to use various machine quilting designs. The star is rubber stamped and then outlined with embroidery floss.

As an aside - I'm distressed each time I learn of another independent store closing. The small quilt shops around me are nearly all gone. I'll have to drive at least 20 miles now in order to buy quality batting - not to mention really good thread. 'Tis very sad indeed.

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Sarah E. said...

This is a neato-torpedo piece. I particularly like your very cool chartreuse fabric!