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Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Work

Surface Study

This 11x14 study will be framed. It's from fabrics I created using resist, stitched shibori, rubber stamping and hand-dyeing. A couple of commercial prints were added for contrast.

I used blue Elmer's School Glue as a resist for the spiral design (upper right). After the glue dried (takes a long time) I painted the fabric with Setacolor paint sprinkled with salt. You can see the embroidery stitches on the stitched shibori and my sop-up rag from a dyeing session (upper left).

I enjoy doing both hand and machine quilting on the same piece. After I'd stitched the triple rows, it hit me I could have used a triple needle! But I rather like the irregular look.

I'm trying to finish several small studies for an upcoming show. I've taught surface design classes for many years and had a huge stash of small pieces which came together in this abstract study.

Both my parents were sewers and had 'his and hers' sewing machines. They made quilts together in the winter when my father wasn't weaving. He always chose the colors, saying, "You know..... if you put something in that doesn't quite go - that will give your quilt spark. Otherwise, it's dull." I think he was right. That's probably why I like unusual color combinations so much.