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Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Latest Experiment

I used a pinking blade to trim the edges of this small zippered pouch.

Detail of my fused plastic bags. I recommend fusing at least eight layers together.

My DIL told me a good friend of hers was making purses out of plastic bags. Plastic bags? Yes. She fused them together to make 'fabric.' A Google search yielded tons of tutorials on the process.

Above is my prototype bag. If you'd like to try this, make sure to:

1. Use several layers of plastic bags so your 'fabric' will have some heft. The bags will stick together once heated without you having to add an actual fusing product like Wonder Under or Misty Fuse.
2. Make sure to use parchment paper above and below your bags to protect your iron. If you do accidently get a bit of plastic stuck to your iron don't panic. It will peel right off when the iron is cold.
3. The bags are slippery to sew. I recommend using an even-feed foot.

Note: Betsy asked whether the fusing gave off fumes. Since I have virtually no sense of smell, I'm at a great disadvantage to answer this completely. I noticed nothing that bothered my asthma. One of the tutorials found on Google may have more information.


Betsy True said...

Ellen, did you find the fusing gave off fumes?

DejaBlu said...

I also add fabric within the layers to add color, flecks require no special treatment, larger pieces I add Misyfuse to at least one side, sometimes both... I've been trying to get up the nerve to try adding dollar store plastic leaves and silk flowers to the layers but have not played with this yet. Your plastic fabric is lovely!

I have not noticed any fumes when fusing the layers together btw

Sarah E. said...

That's a beautiful piece of fabric. The flecks are fascinating! Thanks for mentioning this on the QA list...I'd like to stay posted.

norma said...

Did you put fusible between each layer of plastic? What are the bits of color?

laura west kong said...

That's very cute. I'm hosting a Quilt Green challenge for my guild in the spring. I might have to get out my plastic bags and make a sample or two.