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Monday, September 15, 2008

Just Pure Fun

Here's what I did over the weekend instead of quilting a small piece I'd layered. Deka Silk paint (my fave which was discontinued long ago) was used for all the scarves as well as the little make-up bag shown. Click on any photo for a closer view.

I sprinkled this chiffon scarf with salt while the paint was still wet.
Colors used were chestnut and moss green.

My surface wasn't quite large enough so part of the scarf hung over the edge while drying. I turned the resulting darker strip into a positive with a rubber stamp and gold paint.

I painted the Devore' velvet scarf with royal blue and shamrock and then scrunched it a bit.

Detail. This one is my favorite.

I scrunched the painted scarf a bit to combine the royal blue and rose colors.
The silk scarf was then manipulated before drying.


A painted small canvas pouch make-up bag.

I didn't have any neat yarns in my stash, so used a few beads on the pull tab. I'm not happy with the white of the metal showing so will paint it with a different product.

Photo Credit: Bill Guerrant


norma said...

Wow! These are beautiful!

Sherryl said...

Yummy colors. They are gorgeous.

KarenF said...

YUMMY!!! The first one is my favorite. Since the silk paint is discontinued, what will you use when you run out?