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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lazy Saturday

I should have been outside all day - it was that beautiful. Instead, I kind of lazed around. We stayed up way too late watching the spectacular opening ceremonies of the Olympics. My DH nailed it by predicting an athlete would go airborne to light the torch. Amazing! We both thought the fellow had slipped - and gasped loudly - when he adjusted his position and began running.

I made a fast batch of red raspberry jam - confiture de rouge framboises (French translation courtesy of Google Translator, which is probably why it is confiture and not bourrage). The color is gorgeous (photo tomorrow) - one I'd like to achieve the next time I dye fabric. My DH decided to serve warm rolls with dinner just so we could taste the jam. Yum - with just a hint of tartness. I reduced the sugar significantly as we thought yesterday's strawberry was delicious but a tad too sweet.

BTW, my DH loves to cook and prepares dinner every evening. I asked him tonight if he was in competition with the 1833 Burnsville NC NuWray Inn www.nuwrayinn.com which serves meals country style at long tables. Our menu was extensive: grilled salmon, NC pole beans with a topping of tomato, cucumber and onion salsa, silver queen sweet corn, deviled eggs, rolls, a bit of leftover fried okra and fresh fruit! Oh my.

I'm off to watch Atonement, the last in a trio of movies I recently rented. The others were: Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (Philip Seymour Hoffman and Ethan Hawke were fabulous, but the plot was disturbing) and Vantage Point (good, but the story line was not as intriguing as that in BTDKYD.)

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