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Monday, August 25, 2008

If Only I Could SEW!

I'm working in the studio once more but not making much progress. The problem is getting one machine - any machine - to sew properly. This is extremely frustrating, as I'm on deadline and need to finish not only the wedding quilt but several small pieces as well.

I have a Bernina 1530 I bought used - from the dealer - many years ago. Unfortunately, I've had problems with it from the day I started to use it - which wasn't until I'd had it for two or three years. Go figure! Although it has been worked on several times, the tension is a mess. Last time it was repaired, the authorized Bernina repairman found three major problems - all within the workings of the machine. If the machine were a stick shift car, I'd say the clutch is slipping - it has that kind of feel.

My old Bernina 830 was on loan for several years and recently returned. I cleaned and oiled it, changed the needle, pulled a gob of monofilament thread out of its innards and set it up to sew. To my great frustration, nothing happened when I pressed the foot feed! It wasn't until I had floored it that it began to sew, but at a blazing fast speed allowing me little if any control. My DH took the foot feed apart, found one small plastic piece which had broken, and thinks he sees the problem. He's just returned from three days out of town, so will work on it tonight.

I'm going to dig out the Singer Featherweight I inherited from my dear Aunt Esther nearly 30 years ago. It sews like a dream and has a beautiful straight stitch. And the purr of the motor is always so comforting.

I've been considering a new sewing machine for several years now, but have not taken the time to test drive anything. And being such a thrifter, spending major coin really goes against the grain. Pun intended.


Robin in WNC said...

Glad to know you are back in the studio. Have you thought about taking your machine(s) to Bill's Sewing Machine repair in Hildebrand?
He is not an "authorized" Bernina repair person, but is the only one who could fix my machine. It's not really that far from where you live.
I took workshop from you a few years ago at Hiddenite and keep up with you on your blog, which I enjoy very much.
Robin in WNC

Ellen Guerrant said...

Hi Robin - Thanks for the tip about Bill's Sewing Machine repair. I had not heard of him but will certainly check it out!

So nice to hear from you! Ellen xox