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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Creative Exercise

A Warholized photo created on Flickr. I think the automated color choices are really horrible!

Since no two Warhols are the same, I attempted a reshuffle and then PhotoShop with equally bad colors. I do like the center black and white and the top center blue, however.

I was less displeased with the image created in PhotoShop, but think it needs a ton more contrast.

Credit for original photo: Suzie Guerrant avocadophoto.com

Since my stitching fell through today, I decided to play once more on Flickr. I Warholized a photo of my son taken by his wife Suzie on a trip to the Linville Gorge. The colors assigned by the program were really horrible, imho. So I then went into PhotoShop and tried to get an image less jarring by using different adjustments. The results were awful once more. My final decision was to desaturate the color. I should have ramped up the contrast first, but this will do for tonight.

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