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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer Garden Sights

I'm itching to create! Since I don't have any new art ready to share, I'll take you on a tour of our summer gardens. I'll pretend you're here with me. Being an artist is a very solitary pursuit.

Make sure to click on the images for a closer view. Enjoy the tour! xoxox Ellen.

I captured this bumble bee yesterday feeding on the purple coneflower. He was moving very slowly, probably drunk with nectar. For some reason, the coneflower blossom is very pale this year.

One of two huge stands of black-eyed Susan.

White coneflower after a morning shower today.

The wave petunia is just beginning to bloom.

I'm always charmed by the delicate beauty of the lace-cap hydrangea

Pink phlox - another lovely.

African basil has just begun to blossom in the herb garden.

The humble cucumber blossom is very pretty. I love the dainty looking but strong tendrils which allow the plant to grab hold. Our cukes are grown on a space saving vertical support.

This white deck plant has a lovely trailing form.

Our neighbor always generously allows us full access to his fig tree. The fruit is just beginning to form.

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