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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Next Goal - Finish the Wedding Quilt!

Inspiration Quilt

When our son Matthew was engaged, I knew I wanted to make a special quilt for him and his bride Suzie. I usually create my own designs, but the cover of Magic Quilts & Patchwork (a French magazine) really spoke to me. I knew I wanted to make New York Beauty and call it Ray of Life.

I drafted my pattern, altering it somewhat from the original, and began stitching the requested blue and orange fabrics with a little yellow and acid green thrown in. I've now made over 100 blocks and at least half of those needed for the border.

The quilt would be finished by now, but I switched projects mid-stream, completing my late Mother's quilt for my sister. It was begun many years ago and was/is long overdue. I'll deliver it in person when we have our family reunion in Minneapolis later this month.

In this trial layout, I placed blocks stitched of only blue and orange fabrics together on the left, but think they definitely need the 'spice' of the yellow and acid green.

I may add sashing to increase the quilt's size without having to make more pieced blocks. I'm auditioning fabrics and playing with the border blocks here.

Blogger has been on the 'fritz' all afternoon, allowing me to post only these two photos. Tomorrow, I hope to show you the initial block layout.

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