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Thursday, July 10, 2008

In the Studio

If I'd used a diagonal set for the blocks, images such as the dog would have ended up on their sides.

Suzie and Matthew love dogs, so there are puppies and dog bones throughout. Matthew was and is a huge train fan.

We had ice cream frequently on the farm, so its image had to be included. The vintage fabric originally had a white back ground which I painted with a yellow "wash."

I've been playing with the layout for Ray of Life. Today I decided that since I'd pieced the blocks with special images, the blocks needed to line up nice and straight. I toyed with the idea of placing them on point, but things like dogs and sushi ended up falling over. So a straight set it is! I hope to get the main portion of the top sewn together tonight. Film at 11.

To give my dear readers something new, I added links to the sites of seven amazing artists. For a real treat, check them out. Just click on any of these names in the sidebar: Esterita Austin, Hollis Chatelain, Jamie Fingal, Patty Hawkins, Rosemary Hoffenberg, Carol W. Larson and Larkin Van Horn.

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