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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Birthday Celebration

We spent yesterday afternoon with Matthew, presenting him with several small birthday gifts along with the always appreciated coin. Matthew and Suzie, we and several of their friends gathered for a delicious dinner at Pho Hien Vuong in Greensboro that evening. The food and conversation were great. A bit later, Suzie's brother Rob and his new puppy Luna (sorry, I forgot to get a shot of the little fuzz ball) came by the house to join in the festivities.

As always, our visit was much too short but wonderful. A few moments from the day are pictured below.

The Happy Birthday crowd:
Shawn, Matthew, Suzie, Dave, Riley, Rachel, William, Ellen and Jen.

Rob, Suzie, Matthew

Birthday Boy and Darby
We're always amazed at how docile and gentle Darby is, despite her size as a Great Dane. Matthew says she's "All bark."

Matthew and Suzie avocadophoto.wordpress.com were in Buffalo NY for a wedding shoot recently. This great pic of the photographers was taken by Suzie's Uncle Dan July 12 but I wanted to include it here.

Photo Credit: Dan Stalter

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