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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thrifted Quilts

My latest thrift store find was in a bag along with two other quilts.
75" x 43"

My collection of bright fabrics does not include any of these! I'm guessing they're from the late 1990s. The strips are 1 3/4" x 9".

Yesterday was errand day. I limit my trips to one a week and try to only go in one direction. Five stops, four of them on the same street, were planned: Aldi's, where we buy dried fruits, nuts and German beer, the Merita Bread store, where we buy raisin bread, Value Village and Community Thrift where I hoped to find capris and Wally World, where I hoped to find panel curtains for the guest room.

Aldi's was out of my favorite dried cranberries but did have dried cherries and blueberries. Merita was out of raisin bread so I drove on to Value Village. I don't have the patience to search for clothes there, as they are not separated by size. No vintage linens either, but I did buy another large bag of fabric for $3.50. For that price, I usually take a chance on any bag in which I can see two pieces of fabric sewn together.

This one was a winner, containing a newish in-progress quilt sewn from brights and black, a large string quilt which is not particularly attractive but can be used as a good class sample of frugality quilts, and the worst looking grandmother's flower garden I've ever seen. The fabrics are vintage, however. I'll send this quilt to my baby sister in CA. She can probably use the circa 1940-1970 cottons in our late Aunt Alda's cathedral window quilt she's finishing. The bag also contained more of the black cotton used in the Chinese Coins quilt as well as many yards of fabric. Some will be saved for quilt backs while the rest will be donated to a quilt group.

I did find three pair of capris including two in black - my staple wardrobe color. I bought one pair of light colored linen which I intend to dye. The drapery panels at Wally World did not suit me, but I did come home with a putty colored slipcover for the den sofa. All in all, it was a very satisfying outing.

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