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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Poor Baby

Matthew and Numa in our beautiful Blue Ridge mountains.
Photo Credit: Avocado Photo

Numa has been our foster-dog for nearly a year. Here she anxiously waits
for someone to come home and play with her.

When my husband Bill took Numa to get her rabies booster, etc., the vet also did a physical. Teeth cleaning was recommended, as Numa had a lot of plaque/tartar buildup on her back molars. Apparently, as in humans, dogs can get into real trouble if their teeth and gums become diseased. Since the work had to be completed within a month of blood work, today was the day.

Neither of us really wanted to do this, but we'd promised Matthew and Suzie we'd take good care of their dog until she can return to them. As with babies, it's impossible to tell animals what is happening and that everything will be OK.

In addition to the teeth cleaning, she had a growing skin tag removed. Bill worried all day, as Numa had to be under anesthetic. He was able to pick her up at 6. She seemed a bit skittish (I don't like the dentist either) and a bit groggy but otherwise fine. The vet had said Numa might not want to eat and her teeth might hurt. The solution? A tiny bit of soft scrambled egg atop her dry food. She ate and then fell asleep for a long nap. We expect her to be completely back to normal tomorrow.

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