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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Found Art

In my last blog entry, I promised more photos of art. This is probably not what you were expecting. Sometimes one has to be a visionary - to look beyond what is there, to what could be.

My son and his wife both have a great eye for finding expensive frames amongst the dregs. This gem was just over $20 and sports the original stickers from a shop in NYC.

Matthew and Suzie plan to use the large frame, sans painting, for one of their photographs. Here they show it to my DH, who hadn't seen it, from the trunk of their Xterra.

They're not sure what to think of the original art - just a step above paint-by-number. The trees are kind of interesting, however.

The kids came down late Saturday to pick up the 1920's server I'd found for just $35. at my favorite thrift haunt. Suzie is getting her office set up and thought it might do well there for photo display and supplies.

A little Olde English Scratch Cover should bring this old server around to its previous glory.
The piece is only about 40" long - a great size.

The visit this time was brief - just over night. Since my DH and I had promised to give someone a ride to church, he missed out on part of the fun. But we all met at Lang Van for a delicious lunch.

Vietnamese coffee brews while the ice awaits.

The kids left from the restaurant for Greensboro, as Matthew had a 6 p.m. photo shoot of a baseball game.

It's always great to see them. They both looked wonderful.

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