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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Artful Pleasures from Regina

Of my favorite blogs, there are two or three I read daily. Creative Kismet (see sidebar) or click: http://blog.creativekismet.com/ is one of them. Writer and creator Regina recently held a contest. Readers who left comments about the darling hummingbird buttons she'd made were eligible to win a prize. I was thrilled to be one of three winners! Thank you, Regina! I love everything!

Be sure to check Regina's etsy shop: www.GoodKismet.etsy.com

See my treats below.

This wonderfully exciting envelope arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

Regina had sent me one of her beautifully embroidered hummingbird buttons. Notice the innovative packaging.

What a surprise to find Regina had also enclosed a note card stamped with one of her hand-carved images and one of her MOO cards!

Seeing Regina's fabulous hummingbird photos and receiving the button made me dig into my nest collection. Here is my favorite:

This sweet little hummingbird nest has been in my collection for a long time. It was a gift from my father over 25 years ago and is very dear to me. Click on the image to see the bits of quilt batting and lichen woven through this tiny home.

1 comment:

Regina said...

Oh my gosh! That hummingbird nest is amazing! I'm so happy you liked your package! And thank you for the postcard and moo card. SO nice to have "bits" of your gorgeous quilting!