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Monday, June 30, 2008

I Promise.....................

A lone daisy dropped at ocean's edge.

After two children and 10 years of marriage, my nephew Josh and his wife Lisa decided to renew their vows and exchange new wedding rings. Each recited several 'I promises ' to the other. The event took place under the cathedral-like pier early on the morning of June 27, their anniversary. It was a joyous and touching celebration. We were honored to be there with them.

Here are a few shots from that wonderful morning.

Note the cathedral-like architecture of the pier.
This photo was taken at high tide.

Dressed in white eyelet with daisies in their hair, Addison, Lisa and Olivia prepare to join Joshua under the pier for the ceremony.

Approaching the pier.

Family silhouette.

Father and daughter share a quiet moment.

Addison is curious about a bit of sand dollar.

A loving family following the renewal of vows.

Vacation Photos

My DH and I hadn't taken a vacation together in years. This year my nephew Joshua and his wife Lisa wanted to renew their vows on their 10th wedding anniversary. They spent three days with us before we all drove to Sunset Beach, their favorite spot, where the event would take place.

Sunset Beach is the southernmost beach in North Carolina. It is a barrier island separated from the mainland by the Intercoastal Waterway with access by a quaint one-way draw bridge. Part of the long pier is visible through the protected sea oats which in turn protect the dunes.

Addison and Lisa.
Tidal pools form at low tide, providing perfect spots for play.

My great nieces, Addison and Olivia, loved the ocean.

This area under the pier provided a spot free from
the harsh sun for Josh and Olivia.

My DH and my nephew Josh share a laugh.

My DH loves kids. We're still asking ourselves why we didn't have more.

Unfortunately, we didn't have time to rent bikes but I did manage to get
a shot of their colors in the morning light.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back From Vacation

Family members left to right: Lab Numa, Lisa, DH, Joshua, Olivia, Suzie with Addison, Matthew. We'd promised Olivia she could watch Numa swim in the creek at the park.

Dear Readers -

I'll be posting pictures tomorrow from the last few fun-filled days. We had a house full and then went to beautiful Sunset Beach NC for three days. It was heaven!

We're dashing out now to a birthday party for a dear friend. Later! Ellen xoxoxoxox

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Poor Baby

Matthew and Numa in our beautiful Blue Ridge mountains.
Photo Credit: Avocado Photo

Numa has been our foster-dog for nearly a year. Here she anxiously waits
for someone to come home and play with her.

When my husband Bill took Numa to get her rabies booster, etc., the vet also did a physical. Teeth cleaning was recommended, as Numa had a lot of plaque/tartar buildup on her back molars. Apparently, as in humans, dogs can get into real trouble if their teeth and gums become diseased. Since the work had to be completed within a month of blood work, today was the day.

Neither of us really wanted to do this, but we'd promised Matthew and Suzie we'd take good care of their dog until she can return to them. As with babies, it's impossible to tell animals what is happening and that everything will be OK.

In addition to the teeth cleaning, she had a growing skin tag removed. Bill worried all day, as Numa had to be under anesthetic. He was able to pick her up at 6. She seemed a bit skittish (I don't like the dentist either) and a bit groggy but otherwise fine. The vet had said Numa might not want to eat and her teeth might hurt. The solution? A tiny bit of soft scrambled egg atop her dry food. She ate and then fell asleep for a long nap. We expect her to be completely back to normal tomorrow.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father and Son Reunion

Matthew and Bill with Numa, Suzie and Matthew's dog we're keeping temporarily.

Our son made a special trip down from Greensboro to see his father, the man he calls Pops, for Father's Day. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing them together. Matthew's gift to his Dad was a black and white print of a photograph he took of the 611 steam engine while he was in high school.

Matthew has always had a great love of trains and an insatiable curiosity about them. In his youth, he and his father took many memorable train trips together. Once they returned home, Matthew would sit down and draw from memory the engines he had just seen. Their detail never ceased to amaze us.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Timothy J. Russert, 1950-2008

We were deeply saddened to learn of the death this afternoon of Tim Russert. Amidst so much 'fluff' masquerading as journalism, Tim was the real thing. We admired him greatly.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Glimpse of the Old South

Three historic log cabins were saved by being disassembled, moved and reassembled on Ed and Barbara's land.

We left early yesterday to drive to Danbury, an historic town of just 108 near the Dan River where we would attend the funeral of Ed, the brother of our dear sister-in-law. Ed was a man very interested in history and salvaging bits of it through his collections. He and his wife Barbara saved three of the area's log cabins which now rest safely on their property. One has become a wonderful guest cottage, one is a kitchen cabin and the other remains in its original state.

Graveside services were held in the family plot of the small cemetery established in 1856. My husband and I were struck by the large number of family members buried there and their long history in the community. Enclosed by a beautiful wrought-iron fence, the family graves are marked by identical stones. It is a dignified and honored place.

Graves of Ed's family are within the beautiful iron fence.

Graves in this section are marked by small stones no taller than 10".

Just feet from Ed's family plot lie many tiny grave stones. I was told these are the graves of Danbury's black citizens. It is clear that this community, in its cemetery which predates the Civil War, wanted all its people together - in life and in death. This is a noble thing and speaks volumes about early Danbury.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thrifted Quilts

My latest thrift store find was in a bag along with two other quilts.
75" x 43"

My collection of bright fabrics does not include any of these! I'm guessing they're from the late 1990s. The strips are 1 3/4" x 9".

Yesterday was errand day. I limit my trips to one a week and try to only go in one direction. Five stops, four of them on the same street, were planned: Aldi's, where we buy dried fruits, nuts and German beer, the Merita Bread store, where we buy raisin bread, Value Village and Community Thrift where I hoped to find capris and Wally World, where I hoped to find panel curtains for the guest room.

Aldi's was out of my favorite dried cranberries but did have dried cherries and blueberries. Merita was out of raisin bread so I drove on to Value Village. I don't have the patience to search for clothes there, as they are not separated by size. No vintage linens either, but I did buy another large bag of fabric for $3.50. For that price, I usually take a chance on any bag in which I can see two pieces of fabric sewn together.

This one was a winner, containing a newish in-progress quilt sewn from brights and black, a large string quilt which is not particularly attractive but can be used as a good class sample of frugality quilts, and the worst looking grandmother's flower garden I've ever seen. The fabrics are vintage, however. I'll send this quilt to my baby sister in CA. She can probably use the circa 1940-1970 cottons in our late Aunt Alda's cathedral window quilt she's finishing. The bag also contained more of the black cotton used in the Chinese Coins quilt as well as many yards of fabric. Some will be saved for quilt backs while the rest will be donated to a quilt group.

I did find three pair of capris including two in black - my staple wardrobe color. I bought one pair of light colored linen which I intend to dye. The drapery panels at Wally World did not suit me, but I did come home with a putty colored slipcover for the den sofa. All in all, it was a very satisfying outing.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ten Thousand Visitors!

When I wasn't looking, my blog had its 10,000th visitor! If you noticed that number turn for you, email me at ellen@ellenguerrant.com.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Artful Pleasures from Regina

Of my favorite blogs, there are two or three I read daily. Creative Kismet (see sidebar) or click: http://blog.creativekismet.com/ is one of them. Writer and creator Regina recently held a contest. Readers who left comments about the darling hummingbird buttons she'd made were eligible to win a prize. I was thrilled to be one of three winners! Thank you, Regina! I love everything!

Be sure to check Regina's etsy shop: www.GoodKismet.etsy.com

See my treats below.

This wonderfully exciting envelope arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

Regina had sent me one of her beautifully embroidered hummingbird buttons. Notice the innovative packaging.

What a surprise to find Regina had also enclosed a note card stamped with one of her hand-carved images and one of her MOO cards!

Seeing Regina's fabulous hummingbird photos and receiving the button made me dig into my nest collection. Here is my favorite:

This sweet little hummingbird nest has been in my collection for a long time. It was a gift from my father over 25 years ago and is very dear to me. Click on the image to see the bits of quilt batting and lichen woven through this tiny home.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Earth Study

Earth Study
8 1/2" x 11"

I'm creating small works on which to practice free-motion machine quilting. FMQ is kind of like riding a bike or playing the piano; you remember how but it takes a lot of practice to get good at in once more. For Earth Study, I used my hand-dyed fabrics and assorted threads.

Earth Study (detail)
For added textural elements, I often fringe the edges of some fabrics and leave a few thread tails hanging

Found Art

In my last blog entry, I promised more photos of art. This is probably not what you were expecting. Sometimes one has to be a visionary - to look beyond what is there, to what could be.

My son and his wife both have a great eye for finding expensive frames amongst the dregs. This gem was just over $20 and sports the original stickers from a shop in NYC.

Matthew and Suzie plan to use the large frame, sans painting, for one of their photographs. Here they show it to my DH, who hadn't seen it, from the trunk of their Xterra.

They're not sure what to think of the original art - just a step above paint-by-number. The trees are kind of interesting, however.

The kids came down late Saturday to pick up the 1920's server I'd found for just $35. at my favorite thrift haunt. Suzie is getting her office set up and thought it might do well there for photo display and supplies.

A little Olde English Scratch Cover should bring this old server around to its previous glory.
The piece is only about 40" long - a great size.

The visit this time was brief - just over night. Since my DH and I had promised to give someone a ride to church, he missed out on part of the fun. But we all met at Lang Van for a delicious lunch.

Vietnamese coffee brews while the ice awaits.

The kids left from the restaurant for Greensboro, as Matthew had a 6 p.m. photo shoot of a baseball game.

It's always great to see them. They both looked wonderful.