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Sunday, May 11, 2008


It's been a lovely, relaxing Mother's Day. We'd planned to have dinner at Lulu, a great little restaurant in a nearby converted bungalow. But they'd had a huge rush for brunch and ran out of food! So we went to our old hangout - Lang Van - where the food is always divine!

We began with spring rolls - fresh crisp lettuce and shrimp wrapped in rice paper noodle. Peanut sauce is a must with these!

My DH chose a large steaming bowl of Pho (Vietnamese soup). He spent 13 months in that country and Japan, so has a true love for this French-inspired cuisine.

I usually order #45, a vermicelli dish, but tried the Pineapple Chicken tonight. It was delicious - and there is enough left over for at least two more meals. No sticky rice though. I used to be able to make that, but no longer have my Toshiba rice steamer. That appliance really is the secret to great Asian-style rice.

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imquilternity said...

Oh....that Pho looks wonderful. I LOVE Pho and don't get the chance to have it often. It's making me hungry...