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Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Shared Garden

Many of the plants in our garden were gifts from friends. I love walking our little winding path and remembering those who were so sharing. Yesterday Suzie, Bill and I dug hosta, canna lily, lilies of the valley, bleeding heart and cranesbill geranium for the kids' garden in Greensboro. To that mix we added a white mandevilla, a BD gift to Suzie, and a couple of extra herbs.

Matthew's Honda is filled with plants from our perennial garden.

Matthew shoots a close-up of the hosta leaves while Suzie looks on.

The kids share a laugh with Bill before heading out.

Matthew and Suzie say bye to Numa, their beloved Lab who's staying with us temporarily. She misses them and they miss her right back.

Going home. It's going to be lonely at our house.

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