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Thursday, May 1, 2008

One Year and More

My one-year blogging anniversary came and went on April 27. I was so distracted I failed to make note of it in any way. During that time I've had nearly 8750 visitors and written nearly 350 entries. I'll have to plan something special for my 10,000th visitor.

What began as an art and quilting blog has on occasion veered off into other directions. I've pondered a name change to Sentimental Journey, as I often write about childhood memories and my family, the most important thing in the world to me.

Another anniversary of note: we celebrated 37 years of marriage today. Since we'd already had enough excitement this week, we had a rather lazy day, dressing in jeans and revisiting a great pizza parlor the kids had introduced us to. We were home early and settled in our jammies to watch the conclusion of the fabulous PBS series Carrier.

The 10-episodes documented the lives of sailors and marines on a six-month deployment aboard the USS Nimitz. We were hooked from episode one, developing a strong affinity for many of the personnel. It was an awesome and humbling show. Hope you got to see it.

The aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.

Photo: Wikipedia

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