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Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh My..........Where Did It All Come From?

Hello, dear readers. I've been away from my blog posts for several days as I've been purging for a garage sale/fund raiser at our church tomorrow. Oh my. My DH and I have donated enough stuff to have had our own sale. Concentrating primarily on the kitchen, pantry and basement, we've freed ourselves of half our utensils, at least half our cookbook collection, pans, canning jars, linens, books, magazines, decorative items and Lord knows what else. I kept a running list and cannot believe the number of items which have gone away. Except for the pantry which is clean and organized now, it really doesn't look as if we've gotten rid of a thing. It's like a spit in the pond actually.

This has been very tiring, but I keep telling myself, "Better me than Matthew." We've been in this house since 1972. It is our first house which we just never left! Our only child asked us years ago, "What am I going to do with all this stuff?" Well, we're trying to make sure he and his bride Suzie are not overwhelmed with "stuff" after we're gone. One of my sisters and her DH, who'd been in their house as long as we've lived here, moved last year and advised: "Ellen, even if you're not even thinking about moving - start packing NOW!"

I took a break this afternoon (supposedly to run by the post office) and went to two of my favorite haunts: VisArt Video Rentals, where I chose "There Will Be Blood" and "No Country for Old Men." I know they are dark and violent, but I've wanted to see the performances of Daniel Day Lewis and that fellow who was stuck with the 3 Stooges haircut through filming. You know who I mean - Javier Bardem. VisArt has every movie ever made including a huge collection of foreign films. And the clerks are amazing - young really smart avant garde kids whose knowledge of films is astounding. And their tattoos and hair colors are over the top. Stop 2: Dollar General! I'm SO sophisticated. Seriously, I'm in there weekly for my husband's supply of Mounds and my ration of Russell Stover sugar free candies. My treats are $1.89 everywhere else in town; just $1. a bag at the General.

We're due at church tomorrow morning at 7. We of the 'grounds crew' will be hustling to get our work done before the heat wave hits. The forecast is 90 degrees! We'll be spreading 100 bales of long leaf pine needles around the plantings.

I plan to post art soon. In the meantime, I'll share photos of these flowers from our garden.

Love and blessings until next time! PEACE!

Our hydrangea always blooms blue, as our soil is very acidic. It is one of my favorite flowers just now beginning to bloom.

I captured this photo of a wild rose just after a morning rain.

We once had two robust Baptisia (false indigo) plants. Last year's drought killed one plant, leaving the remaining one weakened. This is the only bloom.

On one of our evening walks a couple of years ago, we stopped to admire a lovely garden. The owner was planning to move to Davidson, so was digging plants to take with her. She was kind enough to share River Oats, a NC Wildflower of the Year in 1994. It really does look as if it's growing oats in the fall.

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