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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Keep Your Eye on the Prize, Hold On

We voted early and were told ballots cast at EACH polling place were running 300-400 a day. That's an astounding figure for early voting in North Carolina.

This Democratic household publicly makes an endorsement.

Our candidate.

In a country overflowing with serious problems, I am amazed at how easily voters' attention can be diverted by non-issues. Do the spin-meisters actually believe whether or not one wears an American flag pin should be at the top of the agenda? To paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King, "I dream of a nation where one day a man will be characterized by the content of his character and the things he believes rather than his wardrobe and accessories."


Patty Cramer said...

This song was an original gospel tune. The Labor movement has changed the words, as has others such as Bruce Springstein.

I've walked many a picket line singing this song!!

I, too am amazed that the real issues of this election are now being oversome by associations. Heaven's knows - everyone knows someone who may or may not be a tad shady!!

Get on with the real problems - before the problems get on with us!!

Ellen Guerrant said...

Hi Patty - I was paraphrasing Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech. The title of the post is meant to emphasize the prize as the real issue here.

I don't doubt you've sung the song "Keep Your Eye on the Prize..." many times on the picket line. You go girl! E.