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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Earth's Bounty

Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits.

We couldn't resist one of these!

These large brown eggs are said to be double yolkers.

Carolina's Medical Center and the new Levine Children's Hospital can be seen just beyond the farmer's market at the bottom of our street.

Laotian women offer beautiful fresh flowers they've grown themselves.

We'll buy our tomatoes and other veggies here until ours come in.

There has been a farmer's market at the bottom of our street - just seven houses away - since the 1940's. It was originally open just for Christmas trees, then for Halloween pumpkins. Several years ago the market added veggies and fruits, home baked items and eggs, even fresh shrimp from the Carolina coast. Shopping there is such an enriching experience, as it attracts people from all cultures and walks of life -old Charlotte to new South - chefs to young mothers.

It is a small, family-run and owned business which gives work to many. We are so glad it's there!

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