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Friday, May 2, 2008

Adding to the Perennial Garden

This lovely rose appears apricot while in bud form. When open, only a tinge of that color remains. Roses with these flat blossoms always remind me of the wild roses which grow along country roads in Illinois.

Each year I find cranesbill geranium (gernium maculatum) growing in new places. A self-seeder, it spreads quickly, making it a nice 'filler' plant. As an aside: geranium is a Greek word for crane, as the unopened seedhead looks like a crane's bill.

Purple trillium (trillium erectum) is one of the late bloomers in our wildflower garden.

It is a beautiful day here - perfect for working in the garden. We're trying to attract more butterflies, so are establishing an area with plants they love - purple and white coneflower as well as a raspberry colored bee balm. Beautiful blue lobelia and white euphorbia, a dainty plant new to me, were planted along the front border. We'll scatter a bit of fertilizer in the beds, as rain is in our forecast.

Above are some of the plants I photographed this morning. Perhaps tomorrow I'll be fast enough to get a shot of the gorgeous butterfly I saw resting on the mayapple.

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