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Friday, April 11, 2008

Yard Art

I really like yard art, but it has to be whimsical. I'm not sure, lovely as they are, I'd ever get into gazing balls, towering fountains and waterfalls. And I know I'd never become fond of garden gnomes or concrete geese with outfits for every holiday. I could see those ancient colorful bowling balls lying about and halves of colorful china used as edging however. Now that would be fun!

I love our new egret found this spring. He looks lonely amongst the hosta tho. I think I'll move him to the tall ornamental grass area where he'll appear to be standing in a marsh.

We need more blue in our garden - in addition to this columbine and false indigo (baptisia) which is just coming up. Even though it was almost 80 here yesterday, a trip to the garden center will wait until after Monday's expected freeze!

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