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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring, Heavenly Spring

We planted two varieties of camellias near the dining room bay window years ago. The white and pink striped one is called 'Peppermint.'

The view across the street from our driveway. I love the snowy whiteness of the dogwood.
Notice the cankerworm bands encircling each tree.

Hurricane Hugo took out a large dogwood on the east side of our house. Landscaping is definitely on our 'to do' list. I'm lobbying for a saucer magnolia or redbud for our front yard but major planting will have to wait until the drought is over.

A view of the rear of our house thru a Japanese maple tree our son Matthew planted when he was a little boy. A 'lovely' length of garden hose supports it from strong winds.
Click on the image to see the red and white yarn martinetza, given to my husband in Bulgaria. In March, Bulgarians hang martinetzas from their trees to welcome spring after a long, hard winter. These symbols remain until individuals see the first storks (plentiful in the Balkans). The birds are a sign of good luck.

Our first May apple blossom of the season.

This stand of May apples began with just one plant purchased in honor of my father who loved them.

The back 35' of our yard was a huge, overgrown, viney mess when we bought our house in 1972. We felt like Lewis and Clark hacking and clearing for weeks so that we could have a garden. This beautiful dogwood tree was a tiny little volunteer we saved. It makes a perfect canopy for the wildflowers.

Most days, I'm in our backyard on the deck or holed up in the studio. It's rare for me to view our house from the street. Between crop-dusting plane fly-overs yesterday, I photographed the neighborhood. It is so pretty right now with all the flowering trees and azaleas.

My husband and I are so grateful every day that we live on such a beautiful 80-year old street close to uptown. We took a chance on our house, which my father-in-law said "looked worse than the men's room at Grand Central!" It was pretty bad, and no one had been in the upstairs in many years. But we were young, strong visionaries back in the day.

Now that everyone wants to live close-in, our street has seen quite a revival. We love it here and will stay as long as the knees hold.


Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

Ellen, you can always get new news. Trust me, it may be easier than moving.

Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

Sorry, that was new knees! Cyberspace genies at work???

Exuberant Color said...

You have been in your house the same amount of time I have been in mine. I'm only the second owner and the house is 55 years old. It is definitely more my house than it was theirs (the people who built it). Your yard and neighborhood is so pretty. I have lots of redbuds too but you have a nice variety.