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Sunday, April 13, 2008

In Bloom

We didn't get into the garden until late this afternoon when the light was excellent for photos. My DH was kind enough to shoot the following. Be sure to click on each image for a closer view.

The Boticelli statue, from Bill's boyhood home, provides a lovely background for the Virginia bluebells. The white azalea was a Mother's Day gift from my son when he was in elementary school. He and a neighborhood classmate got off the school bus at a garden center and then carried their purchases all the way home - a trek of nearly two miles. Such a touching and thoughtful gesture.

Bleeding Heart

I've always loved the delicate blossoms of the bleeding heart. We had the pink ones on the farm, but I'd never seen the white until moving South.

My sisters sent this hothouse azalea home with me following our Mother's funeral, thinking our region had the best climate for the plant. We've coddled and even transplanted it, ever seeking the spot where it would be happiest. Just now coming into its glory, I think it's prettier than ever.

This lovely violet is going to be moved into the wildflower area shortly. It is hidden from view in its present location. I bought it from a garden shop because of the fragrance the plant exuded.

All photos: Bill Guerrant

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