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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday

Lovely fresh flowers from my DH.

Yesterday was my birthday. I know, I know. Not only is April 15 tax day, it's also the day the Titanic went down and the day Lincoln died! We'd planned to celebrate Monday night by attending a Chanticleer concert uptown. Instead, we were in the urgent care facility with semi-troubling symptoms. Turned out to be nothing more than a bladder infection, thank God.

Since my DH had a meeting last night which he absolutely had to attend, we're having an early dinner out tonight. There is a carrot cake in the fridge just waiting for candles.

I received tons of lovely cards and lots of thoughtful phone calls. My baby sister Patty arranged to have a beautiful plant delivered. She'd specifically requested "the youngest, cutest guy on your staff. Can you do that?" "We can do that." "And can you have him sing Happy Birthday to my sister?" "Yes, he can do that."

Unfortunately, I was upstairs when the delivery arrived. Although the young man told my DH he was supposed to give the flowers directly to me, and was supposed to sing Happy Birthday, directly to me, he did not succeed in getting past the gate-keeper. I'm going to go to Shelton Florist and thank them in person for a persistent attempt.

The stunning bi-colored Bavaria hydrangea sent by my baby sister Patty. Thank you, Patty.

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