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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Getting On With Life

Mother's little chicks - The Four Sisters
L to R: Ellen, Sue, Sharon holding Patty. I always loved plaid. We're all wearing puffed sleeves, another childhood favorite. Photo courtesy of Patty.

Photo credit: Alda vonOhlen Weedman

The loss of my Mother was so unbearable that I've shoved the memory of it way into the deepest recesses of my mind. I have yet to remember her death date, and didn't yesterday until my baby sister called. I then became very sad and tearful and remained so for hours. I hadn't had a day like that in a very long time.

I don't know why this year the date was so very hard. My sister Patty thinks it's because I've just completed Mother's quilt, a project so close to my heart for so long.

I was with each of my parents when they drew their last breaths. When my father died, I was OK for a month and then cried for a year. Mother's passing was just so horrible, for a number of reasons, that I cannot face it still - 19 years later.

Today I decided to lift myself up and really get busy. My nephew Chip (the same fellow who did the exterior of our house) came by to work up an estimate on long overdue painting of several interior rooms. He was very professional and very polite, but I don't think quite prepared for the amount of stuff we have here. He asked, "Aunt Ellen - have you ever considered getting a POD?" A POD? Moi?????

I was set in my mind to have the work done in May, as we're having house guests at the end of June. Chip and my husband convinced me it will take at least until July to get this place cleaned out and ready. At least this gives me time to do things right. There's already a plan in my head: have the mother of all garage sales, donate what doesn't sell, put things on eBay and take a couple of pieces of good antique furniture to an upscale consignment shop.

Just after our nephew left, two fellows we'd hired to mow the lawns (known as cut the grass in the South) arrived. We don't usually hire this done, but my husband hurt his back pretty badly while spreading a huge pile of compost over his garden. Now the yards are not only mown, they are edged! With all the rain we've had, they look nice and green.

The boys will return next week with a 'tiller to dig a couple of new flowerbeds for me. Getting one's hands in the dirt is very, very good for the soul. I'm already feeling so much better.

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