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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fire Pink

Fire Pink - a member of the Pink family
Silene Virginica
Photo credit: Illinois Wildflowers Site

Hidden in the midst of Myers Park, one of Charlotte's oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods, sits Wing Haven. The four-acre garden and bird sanctuary was begun in 1927 by Elizabeth Clarkson. More than eight decades later, the garden is an inspiration - a secret garden - almost invisible from the street. For a glimpse, go to:

Gardeners in search of rare and unusual plants flock to Wing Haven's plant sale each spring. My DH, the early bird, was there when the gates opened while I waited until early this afternoon. List in hand, I had my heart set on finding a wildflower named Fire Pink. No - it was not to be found. Many of the expert helpers admitted they were not familiar with it.

A Google search was enlightening. The plant is rare and endangered, found only in central to southern Illinois and parts of Nebraska. No wonder I was drawn to the photo I'd seen in an old wildflower book. I must have seen it at one time as Illinois is where I was born and my grandparents once lived in Nebraska!

For more information on this stunning wildflower, go to:


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