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Monday, March 17, 2008

On Being Irish

I grew up thinking I was mostly German. With a last name like vonOhlen and great- grandparents who'd come to this country from Braunschweig, it was a natural assumption. But genealogy research has revealed that my sisters and I are a lot more Irish than German. We have Fitzgeralds on our maternal side and paternal Meehans (formerly O'Meghan). 'Tis a nice thing.

I didn't buy a shamrock plant for St. Patty's day this year. The closest thing to it was a big patch of clover in our back yard. After all, they are almost all three-leaved.

My father had a special gift for finding not just four-leaf clovers, but five and six also. We girls saved each one, pressing them in our big blue Merriam Webster dictionary, or one of the Bobsey Twins or Outdoor Girls books we read. I still occasionally find one of Daddy's treasures in an old tome.

Our son Matthew is equally blessed with a keen eye. Above is a four-leafer he found and pressed in our dictionary many years ago. I think it's ironic that the clover is touching the word sew.

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