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Saturday, March 29, 2008

March Madness

Stephen Curry celebrates a great shot during the Georgetown game.
Photo credit: Star Tribune, Minneapolis-St. Paul

Andrew Lovedale and Stephen during the Wisconsin game.
Photo credit: Julian Gonzales, Detroit Free Press

Stephen and other Davidson Wildcats celebrate victory.
Photo credit: Mary Ann Chastain, AP

North Carolina is known as basketball country. Three teams in the ACC - Duke, NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill - get the most attention. But this year a tiny, mostly unknown school 30 miles from Charlotte is getting all the press.

Davidson College, with just 1700 students, is the darling of the NCAA tournament. Seeded 10th, the Wildcats have upset Gonzaga, Georgetown and Wisconsin. It seems nobody saw them or their bright star, sophomore Stephen Curry,* coming. A player who looks as if he's about 11 years old, Stephen is small and incredibly fast. He scored 40 points against Gonzaga, 30 against Georgetown and 33 last night against the Wisconsin Badgers.

Everyone around here has Davidson fever. The trustees chartered buses and drove 350 excited fans to the Ford Arena in Detroit so that students could cheer their team on...and sing their theme song Sweet Caroline during the second half. Trustees also paid hotel expenses. I think that's amazingly cool. But what else would you expect from a school which does students' laundry so they'll have more time to study?

Tomorrow, Davidson takes on #1 Kansas. GO WILDCATS!!!

*Stephen is the son of former NBA player Dell Curry and his wife Sonja.

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