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Monday, February 4, 2008

To Sew.....or Not to Sew

A Damascus treadle sewing machine is part of the quilting vignette at the Lincoln County Historical Museum we visited last summer in Gothenburg NE.

My sister from Monterey has a darling house in the Sequoia National Forest - at the 5K foot elevation. She, her best friend and BF's son, headed up Thursday. The plan was to finish work on a bathroom Patty was redoing but mostly to have a few relaxing days of sewing. Things were going well, they were having a blast, and then came the email: "We're waiting for snow!" Seems they had 24" of snow and it's still snowing! The driveway is completely impassable. They also have no power. With propane for heat and a wood-burning fireplace on which they can also cook, they'll get along fine. And BF is a surgical nurse so can handle most things medical.

Having grown up in northern IL and also having survived hurricanes in the south, I have my emergency tub of essentials. But what are we going to do without our sewing machines for days on end? I jokingly told Patty we all needed treadle machines. Seems she just happens to have one in her garage. She's probably dragging it out as I write.