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Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Stash Finds

An early piece, Favorite Things was the second quilt I ever made.

When learning to quilt, I had the good fortune to take a class from the late Mary Katherine Jarrell, the Grande Dame of Charlotte quilting. To say she left no thimble unturned would be an understatement. She was an incredibly gifted and technically demanding teacher. And although much older than the rest of us, Mary Katherine was the coolest woman we knew, as she drove a little Mercedes and wore cowboy boots!

Beginning with showing us "what a proper sewing basket should contain" to insisting that our blocks be "thread perfect" Mary Katherine guided us through every aspect of quiltmaking. Knowing we would be making a different block every week, I chose fabrics which would work together in the end. Favorite Things, a gift for my DH, hung on a wall in our diningroom for many years. It then moved to the den with its southeastern exposure. The light was the cause of its demise. Although we still have the quilt, it can't be used as many of the fabrics disintegrated.

I was rooting around over the weekend and came upon a bag of fabrics stored long ago. "Well looky here Gilbert!" (a line from one of my favorite movies - do you know which one?) I exclaimed. There were most of the fabrics I'd used in Favorite Things!

Many of these freshly laundered fabrics were used in my sampler quilt.

This fabric (Cranston Print Works) used for the border is still one of my all-time favorite prints. Am I moving towards earth tones for my palette? I don't know, but
they're really starting to speak to my heart!

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