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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where Have I Been?

I love this photo of my son Matthew and his bride Suzie. This is a self-portrait they took of themselves at sunset in our beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. Photo credit: Matthew/Suzie Guerrant

Hello, dear readers. You may wonder where I've been these past two weeks. Staying close to my Puffs tissues (in the cheery polka dot box) and my latest purchase - the Neti pot! (More about that later.) For some reason, I went into a horrible allergy/asthma attack which necessitated REAL drugs. My DH decided we needed an air purifier - I am allergic to dogs after all - and a vaporizer/ mister with meds. I was so hoping for a Merry Maids intervention! I've really missed blogging!

I'm finally on the mend and will hopefully post pix soon of the progress I've made in the studio.

'Til then, take care, stay warm and stay well! Love, PEACE and Blessings - Ellen. xoxoxox