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Monday, January 28, 2008

Stamp Your Art Out

Dream Box was created from fabrics I hand-dyed. The real fun
from stamping and bead embellishment. In the
background are fabrics created using Shibori
and other surface-design methods.

This morning I've been gathering samples for Stamp Your Art Out, a stamping/surface design class I'll be doing April 5. I'm excited about returning to the Piedmont Quilters' Guild in Greensboro. Using the spacious classroom at my friend Randy Squires' quilt shop www.randysquiltshop.com will be an added bonus - not to mention the retail therapy opportunities!

A portion of our class time will be devoted to creating fabrics - using simple surface design techniques - which will then be further altered by stamping. It will be a stress-free and liberating day. For further info on Stamp Your Art Out, contact Linda at lindaincarolina@aol.com or go to www.piedmontquilts.org and click on Workshops.

Splish Splash
Several surface design methods, such as dyeing, painting, sponging, stamping and resist dyeing were used to create the fabrics for this piece. I then made my version of the traditional log cabin quilt. Click on the photo to see that even the blocks used in the border are sewn as log cabins.

The watery looking fabrics in Tranquility were air-brushed with Deka Silk paint. I used a very inexpensive muslin - you may remember this fabric for 39 cents a yard from the flat-folds table at Hancock's - which was then painted directly out of the washing machine - wrinkled and wet. The result was a wonderful, unexpected surprise. If I'd taken time to dry and iron the fabric before painting, I'm sure the affect would not have been nearly as interesting.

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