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Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's a New Day, a New Year

Sunrise on the Outer Banks - Emerald Isle, North Carolina

I no longer make resolutions. I set goals, both long and short term. Having a structured to do list in my mind helps me stay on track. I'm a big list maker, but not a big list sharer. We can waste a lot of time telling people what we're going to do, while others are off doing it. The ultimate quilt artist, Nancy Crow, has just one word pinned to her design wall. It is: FOCUS!

I recently ran across a manila envelope of my report cards from kindergarten through high school. Reading my teachers' comments was both enlightening and disarming. The strong points I had as a 5-year old have stuck with me, while some of my less-than-desirable traits also remain. I'm still struggling with too many irons in the fire - known today as grasshopper brain.

Although I have many projects going at once, I do finish them. Discipline demands I complete my last two big quilts, both for people I love dearly, early this year. Then I'll tackle all these ideas running through my head.

My goal has never been to make lots and lots of quilts. I want to make fewer quilts which mean more. It's all about the journey for me.


islanddave said...

Absolutely beautiful Emerald Isle sunset!


Ellen Guerrant said...

Thanks, Dave. Our son and daughter-in-law chose Emerald Isle for their wedding. It was glorious!