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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Doctor Was In!

Even after temperatures in the teens, this shrub rose continues
to bloom sporadically. I'm ready for an early spring.

Sometimes I just feel I must protect my dear readers from a few of the more personal aspects of my life. For instance, do you really want to know that, due to breathing problems, I've been attempting to sleep sitting upright in a wing chair since just before Christmas?!? I've been just about ready to commit hari kari! Luckily I was able to get a work-in visit with my allergist this morning. After a thorough exam (I'll spare you the details) I was told my severe nasal congestion is due to clusters of nasal polyps! Good grief - not a comforting thought at all, especially since I also have stress-induced asthma. And why is it doctors always want to show you illustrations and offer in-depth descriptions? I told him "Put those things away! I'm freaked out enough already. If my body is going to grow stuff, why can't it grow longer legs???"

I left his office with a an Rx for an eight-day high dose prednisone regime which I've begun. Fair warning...whenever I'm on steroids, I become really hyper. During my last event several years ago, my DH woke up about midnight to ask me, "What the ............are you doing at this hour?" I told him "Just go back to sleep, dear. I'm vacuuming out your sock drawer."

BTW - my allergist is a huge fan of the Neti pot, about which I've still not written. Maybe tomorrow depending on how my night goes.

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