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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Digital Photos on Silk

The original digital sunrise shot.

The photo I took of the printed silk - indoors, no flash.

The photo of the silk print my DH took in natural light with his Nikon D80.

Last but not least, newlyweds Suzie and Matthew take a romp in the Atlantic Ocean.

Epiphany usually marks a deadline for me. I want the Christmas tree to be out of the house and all decorations stored away, and I want to be squirreled away in the studio hard at work.

I have wanted to change the focus of my work for quite some time, to incorporate more digital images, photography and surface design.

I kept looking at the sunrise shot used on my last blog entry. It was taken at Emerald Isle the morning of our son's wedding. As the morning light filled the sky, I reflected on our son's life, the incredibly overwhelming odds he'd faced, and the fact that he was alive and well and actually being married. To say my heart was full is an understatment.

This morning, using Jacquard Inkjet Printing Silk and my Epson Stylus Photo RX500, I printed images of several shots I'd taken as the sun came up Nov. 11, 2006. Not only did the prints come out perfectly but had the added surprise of a color change. The silk prints have a wonderful rosy pink glow instead of the original yellow sun! Why? I do not know, but am guessing it occurred because the yellow ink cartridge was quite low.

This project was so much fun and super easy for my first attempt. I've been debating purchasing a new printer and will seriously check the ones with formats larger than 8 1/2 x 11. I'm open to suggestions, so please comment on my blog.

Shown above are the original shot, two silk prints which really are identical. One was photographed indoors, the other outside today when it was very foggy. Also shown is the packaging for the silk fabric sheets used. Each comes with a paper backing and can also be purchased on 10' rolls. I purchased mine from Dharma Trading Company in San Rafael CA. They can also be ordered from Dharma Trading on line.

Jacquard Inkjet Silk Printing Sheets. The package comes in packs of ten 8 1/2 x 11 sheets
Item # JAC9702 www.jacquardproducts.com 1.800.442.0455

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Patty Cramer said...

Hey Girl,

What an amazing difference on the photos - looks like Willie's camera is the bomb - that's slang for awesome!!

Let me know what you come up with!!