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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Big Bird on Steroids

This incredible Amish rug has served as a welcome mat for our home for 15 years.

I love the plethora of colors!

I found this amazing rug when my sister Patty and I traveled to the Pennsylvania Amish country several years ago. I fell in love with it instantly while my sister was incredulous, asking "Wait - you're actually BUYING that?!?"

Its presence on our front portico never fails to bring comments from visitors. Everyone wants to know where I found it. Most are surprised that it is Amish. My husband dubbed it "Big Bird on Steroids."

This detail shot gives a glimpse of how the rug was made. Dozens of band-aid shapes were cut from polyester double knit, overlapped and stitched in rows to a backing.

Photo credit: Bill Guerrant

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joyce said...

I used to have one a bit like that but made with hundreds of tiny triangles. It was made by Hutterites who are a bit like Amish except they live more communally. I taught in one of their schools for 8 years.