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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Collections

When we had our wills done, our dear friend and attorney asked "Ellen........what are you going to do with your........uh.........collections?" Nancy had been to our home many times over the years, and was familiar with my tendency to hoard. Only half kidding, I told her "As soon as you hear I've died, get to the house, as it will all be on the curb."

I've read there is a Protestant purgatory, where one floats until able to let go of worldly goods. I'll probably be there for years! Although I've made much progress culling, there are certain things I hold tightly to my heart. Most dear to me is my 35-year collection of vintage Christmas ornaments. Secondly, are my buttons. I'm rather obsessive/compulsive about my tender buttons, as they are sorted by color and type - two button, four button, shank etc. My "Austrian tinies" are in special glass topped little trays. My late Mother and I spent several evenings together, years ago, visiting, sorting buttons and stitching them to cards. It is one of my fondest memories of her.

Calico and stencil buttons are favorites in my collection. A few are shown below.

Button photographs by Suzie Guerrant (avocadophoto.com)

There is hope for me yet. I sold my vintage thread collection on eBay, keeping only the spools which had belonged to my parents.

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