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Friday, November 2, 2007

Finally Finished!

The postcards are finished! Although it has been a real jump-start to my creativity, making 25 postcards has taken a long time! But the exchange has been fun and I'm glad I participated.

Here are the last three cards in the group:

Painted cotton, vintage lace scrap and imprinted twill tape from Moda, pigment powders, vintage buttons.

Painted cotton, shredded newspaper, pigment powders.

Hand-dyed fabric, rubber stamping, sewing pattern tissue, pigment powders.


Jen said...

Are you in a blue period? I've noticed most of your posts lately are shades of blues with a dusky quality to them.

Ellen Guerrant said...

Hi Jen - Not at all. Just happened to have a bit of blue I wanted to use. My normal pallette is bright.
But blue to me is soothing and the favorite color of most people - just a bit of useless trivia I picked up along the way. Thanks for writing.
Your baby is adorable! Ellen.

Nikki said...

Your postcards are wonderful. You have put so much effort into each, it is no wonder it has taken a while.