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Monday, October 29, 2007

Art Once More

I spent most of the weekend working on postcards for my Art2Mail group, completing seven. With my travels and other commitments, I hadn't been able to create in quite some time. It felt wonderful to poke around in the studio for inspiration. My challenge for these cards was to use only what I had on hand.

I experimented with Golden gel medium for the first time and was able to get wonderful results using pattern tissue paper, Japanese maple leaves and pigment powders. Watch for photos of those soon. For some reason, shots from my camera appeared cloudy even when taken without flash. So I'll let my dh shoot them with his Nikon D80.

I had a great assortment of paper scraps purchased at Random Arts I wanted to use. The image of the boy and the word 'write' led to the addition of the pencil nub. Note: He is left-handed. Ever notice how many lefties are extremely good at math? I'm not, which explains a lot of things. But all five of my husband's nephews are. Ask me how many excel in math!

A scrap of fabric I'd resist dyed was the base for this card. I added a piece of rubber-stamped cloth as well as recycled buttons.

Pigment powders, rubber stamping, paint and beading were added to a Bounty paper towel I'd painted. I'd hoped to retain a lot more of the wrinkling, but most disappeared during the fusing process.

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