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Friday, September 21, 2007

Giving the Old Girl a Face-Lift

Our house was built in 1926. Although we love its charm and location, an old house requires a LOT of upkeep. Last year we redid the sidewalk and side porch; this year it's painting the exterior.

We hired the best painter we know, my husband's nephew. He and his crew are in the process of transforming the place. They are on day nine of the prep - the most important job in painting - and hope to finish that by Saturday. Next week - PAINT! Since I'll be away for the next 2 1/2 weeks, everything should be finished and spotless when I return.

As always, when one thing is spruced up, everything around it cries out for attention. We've already decided to redo the catch-all back porch, turning it into a lovely old- fashioned screened sitting porch. I found the perfect small chairs at Pier 1, and a darling little table at Michael's. And, it was half price!

Still to come, new house numbers and mailbox (dare I hope for a mail slot?) and some improvements to the landscaping. The drought, past ice storms and hurricane Hugo have taken their toll on the azaleas.

A decision was made today on the front door color. It will be a beautiful blue with just a touch of green. We've narrowed the choice to three, with the final decision to be made by my husband and our painter once the body of the house has been finished. I can't wait!

Watch for photos of the finished project in late October.

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