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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Durham Orange Quilters - The Best!

Quilters love talking to other quilters about quilts. And when a guild invites me back a second and third time, it's a special treat. To walk into a room and be greeted warmly by old friends is the greatest. It was so good to see Hope, Bev, Margaret, famous quilt historian Erma K. and others. To reconnect with so many talented women and to laugh about old times was good for my soul.

Prior to the meeting, Cathy took me to dinner at Squids - a divine seafood restaurant. Yum. Everything was good, and the hush puppies were to die for. Monday is lobster night, so the place was packed by the time we left. We both laughed (discreetly of course) when a diner next to us expressed great dismay when her lobster arrived. She did not want to see its eyes and sent it back to the kitchen! It reminded me of the Chinese restaurant dinner scene in the film The Christmas Story, when the duck is served with its head intact.

Following my talk, many of the quilters shared their work through Show and Tell - always the best part of any guild meeting. I was impressed by the talent displayed.

My visit with the Durham Orange Quilt Guild Monday night was fabulous. We were all speaking the same language. Everybody "got it." Thanks, everyone. You're the best. Love and kisses - Ellen.

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