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Friday, September 21, 2007

Country Store Kitchen

Old things speak to my heart. I've never lived in a new house and am not into anything shiny and glitzy. I love knowing the things I've collected have a past, that they were once important to someone else. Initials carved in a desk are not a defect; they impart a certain charm.

'Tis said "the kitchen is the heart of the home." Even in our house - with its mostly unchanged 1926 kitchen - it's the place where people gather. And it's the room into which I've injected my personality most strongly.

We have just two upper cabinets, but they're both original with wavy glass fronts. I installed shelves above them, as well as on the opposite wall, on which we display the little tins and kitchen containers collected over the past 20+ years. Next year we MAY give in and update the room. But for now we're enjoying its vintage charm.

A portion of our treasured kitchen collectibles.

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