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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Little House Quilt

As a collector/hoarder/junk-tiques dealer I love scrounging around in thrift stores. And I always think the messier the shop, the greater the chance of finding hidden treasure. A couple of years ago I found a beautiful Singer 99 - in its blonde cabinet - for the incredible price of $30.30! After a good cleaning and oiling, it ran like a charm. And it has the most beautiful straight stitch! I gave it to my wonderful daughter-in-law who wanted to learn to sew.

I did keep the little seed packet found in the cabinet, as it spoke to my heart. I loved the image of the happy couple admiring their cheery yellow house with its well-manicured lawn. The couple appear to not have a care in the world. Oh, if life were just that simple.

I printed the seed packet on pre-treated canvas and then used it as the basis for a whimsical little house quilt. The scene looks midwestern to me, but I added a palm tree which could also be interpreted as a windmill. The askew roof adds interest. I quilted it in my favorite way - with a wavy grid which just runs right off the edge - and then added a new back using the pillowcase method.

This quilt is 8 1/2 x 11". It was going to be one of my Journal Quilts. But because it was so unlike the other quilts in the series, it did not go to Houston. Instead, it stayed home with me and made me smile.

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Karen said...

This is just wonderful. I love it.