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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Delicate Virginia Bluebells

Coral Bells azalea

Hardy Amaryllis. These beautiful red flowers grow outside in the south.

Lovely white azalea

Birthday girl and puppy Darby.

Happy Birthday, Dear Suzie

April 29 - my daughter-in-law's birthday! Such a beautiful day - the kind you want to breathe in deeply and hold forever - like a lovely, clear note. Spring flowers will soon fade, giving way to bumblebees and butterflies, daisies and grasshoppers. To everything there is a season.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Amazing Bottle Cap Art

Creative Eyeglasses

Butterfly Detail - See more of Michelle's art at:

Art Quilt Network Photos

Butterfly by Michelle Salrin Stitzlein

Art Quilt Network

I've just returned from a retreat with the Art Quilt Network, a group of incredible artists. Quilts and textiles were shared and discussed. We were delighted to learn three of our members have work in Quilt National this year!

We were led and challenged by Linda Fowler and Marla Hattabaugh to have a "dialogue" with our work through journaling - to develop a 20/20 perspective. Eyeglasses were created to reflect this theme. Highlights of our 3-days together were a trip to the Columbus Museum of Art to see the wild and exciting exhibit of Op Art complete with the Optic Nerve light show, and the Franklin Park Conservatory to view the refreshing works of Michelle Salrin Stitzlein. Created entirely from recycled materials, her butterflies and painted mural embellished with colorful bottle caps were fascinating.

Sharon Weltner's beautifully hand-dyed scrubs look great with Michelle's work! Check Sharon's website: www.thespidersthreads.com

Our tour concluded at the Grange (a converted Grange hall), the amazing studio and home of Michelle and Nathaniel Stitzlein. Purchased at auction, the home was a hip and unique dwelling filled with "found objects" - all kinds of signage, tins, mid-century treasures, globes, ethnic art from their travels and on and on and on. I was stunned to see the exact same floor plan - complete with stage - as the Grange in which I was a member as a kid in Illinois. Seeing the kitchen brought back strong memories of sandwiches, devil's food cake, red Jell-O and delicious Swedish coffee - the kind prepared in a huge enamel coffee pot. Aaaaaah - sometimes I long for the days of my youth in the Midwest.

Getting Ready for West Virginia

I'm having fun preparing samples for a four-day surface design class I'll be teaching at Cedar Lakes (www.cedarlakes.com)in Ripley, WV next month. A trip to the dollar store yielded all sorts of unusual objects for sun printing. I combined one of the prints with my Shibori and hand-dyed fabrics for an abstract wall piece. I think I'll name it "Ripples in Blue."

Welcome to My Blog

Hello everyone -

Welcome to my blog! As the title implies, this is where I will occasionally write about the more interesting aspects of my life and travels and share new work. Check back often to see what's new. And be sure to check my website: www.ellenguerrant.com